The Law Offices of Charlene M. Williams, LLC is a small law firm concentrating on Family Law. I pride myself in providing practical legal services, and fair pricing.

My firm makes a point to place as much importance on the process as the outcomes. Before we select any course of action I will present you with all your available options based on your personal circumstances.

I am a strong advocate for alternative dispute resolution in all areas of family law, these methodologies include mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration.  These alternatives are both cost and time effective for all family law clientele including non-traditional families, childless married couples,  and families who are able to keep the best interests of their shared child(ren), and asset preservation at heart.

Parties who reach mutual agreements outside of traditional litigation tend to be far more satisfied with the co-created outcomes and those results support a much more harmonious family restructure.

Should negotiations fail, or not be appropriate we are more than willing to go the distance if the situation demands that we participate in litigation.

I will take this journey with you, wherever the road leads.