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Servicing clients from Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George’s Counties, I take a different approach to the often painful and contentious situations arising from divorce, custody, alimony or guardianship work. My intent is to support you in your journey through the legal process, and partner with you to restructure the family you love into a new form that will provide clear boundaries, and greater peace of mind moving into future years.

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Divorce, Custody and Alimony

There are two kinds of divorce available, one the limited divorce the other absolute divorce.

Limited divorces are most commonly used to address with immediacy issues pertaining to children, custody, visitation, and alimony. The limited divorce does NOT terminate the marital relationship. Accordingly, limited divorces may be revoked upon application of both parties if desired.

The absolute divorce terminates the marital relationship entirely. Absolute divorces may be granted on various grounds however the most common is the one-year separation. With regard to absolute divorces, all issues not resolved by mutual agreement must be adjudicated. These matters include child support, visitation, access, alimony, valuation division and or sale of marital property, and attorneys fees if appropriate.

Child custody will be physical (where the child lives), or legal (who makes decisions for the child). Custody may be sole, joint, or joint with tie-breaking authority. There are multiple factors considered in determining custody all factors are designed to be whatever is in the best interest of the child.

Alimony may be granted as interim to maintain the household status quo pending the divorce trial on the merits. It may be rehabilitative, providing for the spouse to receive the education they need to re-enter the work force, or it may be indefinite. These factors will depend on the specifics of your case.

Adult Guardianship

The adult requiring guardianship of their person is unable to make or communicate responsible decisions on their own behalf because of disability, and there is no less restrictive form of intervention available. Relatedly an adult requiring guardianship of their property is unable to effectively manage their property or affairs due to their disability. Each case is unique, and will present its own challenges. Please contact my office to discuss further.

Professionalism & Legal Expertise

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